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Sports News


On October 14th 2021 10 children from Years 3 and 4 went to Greenfields School to take part in a 7 a-side football tournament. They played 5 matches in total- lost 2, drew 2 and won 1. All of the children played so well as a team by encouraging their team mates and their confidence developed with every match played. Well done Pine Class!


On Friday 14th June 9 boys from Year 4, 5 and 6 went to Greenfields School to take part in a 7 a-side football tournament. We played 4 matches which were all very close and evenly matched. Our first 3 matches were 0-0 draws and then we won our final match 2-0. It was very tense as we watched the final game in our group to see if we had made it through to the quarter finals. A win for St Mark's saw us going through to the quarter finals. In the quarter finals we played Boughton Monchelsea who in the end were too good for us. They scored 2 very good goals to beat us 2-0. Everyone played really well and gave their best.

We were very pleased to have come second in our group and reach the knockout stages of the competition.

Well done to all the boys!


On Thursday 13th June a group of 9 KS2 girls took part in a 7-a-side football tournament against other local schools at Greenfields School. They played 5 matches. They won 1 match, drew 1 match and lost 3 matches. They came 3rd in their group. The girls played well and our team improved as the tournament progressed. We were a mixed KS2 team with some children from each year group. The teams that we were playing were often girls from year 6 and much bigger schools.

I was so proud of the girls. They worked hard and had a great time playing football. I am so pleased that they wanted to use the skills learned in football club to compete against other schools.

Well done girls!


On Wednesday 12th June a group of 9 Year 1 and Year 2 children went to Greenfields School to take part in a football tournament. We played 5 matches against other local schools. We won 2 matches, drew 1 match and lost 2 matches. Everyone played brilliantly and as a team we improved so much, winning our last match 3-0.

We were so proud of everyone. Well done!


On Tuesday 2nd April all those who had attended the KS1/FS Tri-Golf club had the opportunity to compete against other local schools in a competition at The Lenham School.

It was a long event with 6 different activities to complete using the golf skills learned at the club.

All children participated well even though they had been egg rolling that morning and were very tired.

Well done to all who participated and especially to one of our teams which came 2nd over all.



On Tuesday 5th March we took 2 teams of KS1 gymnasts and 2 teams of Yr 3/4 gymnasts to Maplesden Noakes School for the annual Key Steps Gymnastics Competition.

The children had been busy practising and performed the routines and the vault the best that they could.

Well done to all those who took part and well done to Sophia who will be representing our school in the finals of the competition in June.

Our gymnasts
Front support.
Lovely back support

Tucked dish.
Beautiful stretched arch.
Floor routine.


During term 3 The Lenham School Partnership ran a Gymnastics Club for KS2 children. On Wednesday 13th February they held a competition for the gymnasts to show how well they could perform the routines and the vault that they had been learning and practising. All of the children who attended Gymnastics Club participated in the competition and we were joined by some children from Platts Heath who were also competing. Lenham Primary School were also part of the competition and held their event earlier in the week. The results of the competition will be announced and the certificates will be given out in a Friday celebration assembly when they have arrived.


On Monday 17th December 14 Reception, Yr1 and Yr2 children participated in a multi skills competition at The Lenham School. This was a chance to use all the skills they had learned and practised at the multi skills club they had attended with Mrs Cavanagh this term.

We had 3 teams that competed against other local schools, the Hollingbourne Hedgehogs, the Holloingbourne Horses and the Hollingbourne Hamsters. They completed lots of different activities and the scores were all added together to determine the winning team.

Congratulations to the Hollingbourne Hamsters who came 2nd out of 7 teams. They were narrowly beaten into 1st place by the Lenham Lizards.

Well done to all who competed. It was a really enjoyable event.

Balancing activity
Tri-golf target activity
Beanbag target throw
Ladder running
Great balancing!
Beanbag target throw


On Thursday 13th December the children who have been attending the Premier Sport Fencing Club had an end of club competition. They really enjoyed showing their parents the skills they had learned and practised at the club.

Thank you to Bradley our Premier Sport Coach for organising this competition.

The next Premier Sport Club is dodgeball for yrs 3-6. We hope that this will be enjoyed next term.


On Friday 30th November a squad of 9 girls went to Greenfields school to play in a 7 a side football tournament. We were looking forward to playing again and had 2 very keen year 3 girls with us. We played 4 matches against other local schools. We drew 2 and lost 2. We played well and gave it our all with most matches being very close. Sadly we did not do well enough to get through to the quarter finals. We had a lovely morning and enjoyed practicing our football skills in a competitive tournament.

Well done to all the girls who participated.


On Thursday 29th November a squad of 8 KS2 boys participated in a 7 a side football tournament at Greenfields School. We played 5 matches against other local schools. We did really well with 3 wins and 2 losses. We finished 3rd in our group and went through to the quarter finals as one of the best 3rd place teams along with Westborough School. We played Allington in the quarter final, a team that we had played in our group already. A team that did infact win our group. We lost 2-0 to Allington and this saw us out of the tournament. Allington went on to win overall.

Well done to all the boys! 


On Thursday 22nd November 8 Year 1/2 children travelled to Greenfields School to play in a 7 a-side football tournament against other local schools. We played 5 matches which were 10 mins one way. We won 2 matches and lost 3 and scored a total of 4 goals. We ended the group stage 3rd in our group, narrowly missing out on a place in the semi-finals.

We all had fun and learned a lot about playing as a team. Everyone worked hard and did their best. It was a good opportunity to use all the skills we had been learning and practising at football club.

Well done to all those who represented our school at this tournament.

Our team in our new KS1 kit
It was cold so we had to keep moving
Waiting for kick off


On Wednesday 21st November a squad of 10 Yr 5/6 children went to The Lenham School to compete against other local schools. The top 2 teams would then compete in the Kent Finals  to be the best team in Kent.

There were 8 teams so we played 7 matches. Everybody played well and we won 3 matches, drew 2 matches and lost 2 matches. Overall we came 4th which was a great effort.

Well done to all those who participated!

Team Hollingbourne
Grab that ball!
Grab that ball!
Trying to score!
Trying to score!
Attacking play


On Tuesday 9th October 17 children from Yrs 3, 4, 5 and 6 participated in a basketball tournament after school at The Lenham School. They had all attended Mrs Cavanagh's after school basketball club and were going to try out the skills they had developed and practised in a tournament against some other local schools. We had 9 Yr 3/4 children which was one team with 4 reserves. We also had 8 Yr 5/6 children. 5 of whom played as a Hollingbourne team and 3 children who joined with 3 children from Platts Heath to compete as Holling-Heath. There were 5 teams competing in each age category and the results were as follows:

Yr 3/4 team came 1st

Yr 5/6 Hollingbourne team came 3rd

Yr 5/6 Holling-Heath team came 1st

Well done to all children who participated and represented Hollingbourne in this competition.

Next term there is a Maidstone Schools Basketball competition for Yr 5/6 children and we plan to enter a team.

Well done Year 3/4
Year 3/4 team
Year 5/6


On the afternoon of Monday 8th October 7 Year 5/6 girls played in the Maidstone Primary Schools Girls 7 a-side Football tournament at K Sports, Cobdown. We played 5 matches against local schools. We got off to a shaky start losing our first 2 matches. We then had a chance to watch a match and talk about how we could improve our performance. We then drew 2 matches and played much better. All the girls worked hard and played as a team. it was a fun afternoon and an opportunity to dust off our football skill. Well done girls! We look forward to the next tournament in November.

Our lovely team!
Winning the ball in midfield
Taking a corner
Playing against Senacre Wood
Can we score another goal!


Today a squad of 9 KS2 boys participated in the Small Schools Football Tournament at Greenfields School. This was our first tournament of the year and the first time this team of boys had played together. With support and encouragement from our football coach James (Noddy) the boys showed us their skills. We played 4 matches. We won 2, drew 1 and lost one leaving us in 2nd place. All the matches were closely fought and all the boys did themselves and our school proud!

Some special highlights were:

  • Hayden's many amazing saves
  • Fintan's free kick from the halfway line. It was an amazing goal.
  • James Melrose's two goals
  • George's many near misses (We are expecting a goal next time George!)
  • Ellis' many tackles to win the ball from much bigger opponents

Well done to all the boys. Football training starts this Friday to further improve and develop those skills.

Team Hollingbourne in our new kit
Attacking the Shernold goal!
Great header!
Great skills!
More attacking action!
Our lucky bibs.


On the 19th and the 26th September a small group of KS2 children from Hollingbourne School took on the Mote Park Cross Country runs. All children ran the whole course with determination to finish and do their very best.

On 19th September James Melrose came 6th in the Yr 3/4 boys race and Fintan came 11th in the Yr 5/6 boys race. A great achievement in the wind and against more than 100 runners from local schools.

Well done to all our runners!

Warming up
KS1 vault
KS1 Body Management routine


On Friday 23rd February a squad of 8 boys competed in a schools football tournament at The Gallagher Stadium in Maidstone. We played 4 group games with the following results:

  • Northborough 0  Hollingbourne 1
  • Hollingbourne 0  Roseacre   3
  • Oaks Primary  0  Hollingbourne 3
  • Mereworth      0  Hollingbourne 0

So with 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss we were through to the quarter-finals. The last 8 teams out of 20 starting teams. A great achievement! The boys had played really well and were thrilled to be progressing on in the tournament.

In the quarter finals we played against a young Wateringbury side. The match was very tight and looked to be heading towards golden goal when with 2 minutes to go Wateringbury  found themselves one on one with the keeper and managed to sneak a goal. We tried hard to equalize but just ran out of time. We had an enjoyable and exciting day. Miss Collins and I were really proud of the way the boys played and behaved.

Looking forward to the girls tournament which should be this Friday weather permitting.

Team Hollingbourne
Warming up
Our team in action


It was lovely weather for the girls football tournament on Friday 16th March. The sun shone and we enjoyed playing at the Gallagher Stadium home of Maidstone United. We played 5 matches in the group stages. We made an impressive start with a 2-0 win over Hunton. We then lost the next two matches 1-0 in very close matches. We then went on to lose 3-0 and 2-0.

The girls played really well showing that they had improved and developed their skills since the tournament that we played in the autumn. For some girls this was their first chance to play in a proper football match and they all played with commitment and enthusiasm. A special mention for Florence and Elizabeth Dixon our two brave goalkeepers, they were brilliant and kept many goals out.

All girls were awarded medals and free tickets to watch Maidstone United play.

Well done girls we are proud of you!

Matches played:

  • Hollingbourne   v  Hunton  2-0                                                                                                    
  • Wateringbury  v   Hollingbourne  1-0                                                                                            
  • Hollingbourne   v  Greenfields  0-1                                                                                                         
  • Allington   v   Hollingbourne   3-0                                                                                                         
  • Senacre Wood   v   Hollingbourne   2-0

Our girls team
Playing Hunton
Playing Greenfields
Goalkeeper action
Goal mouth action
Enjoying a sit in the home dugout



Well done to all 4 teams that participated in the Key Steps Gymnastics Competition at Pegasus Gym Club on Monday 26th March 2018. We had 16 children taking part, 2 KS1 teams, 1 Year 3/4 team and 1 Year 5/6 team. All gymnasts had worked really hard practising and remembering the routines and a vault. Everyone performed well and tried their very best. It was an enjoyable morning and I was really proud of them.  

Year 3/4 vault
Year 3/4 vault
Year 5/6 Body Management routine

The results of the Key Steps Gymnastics Competition are as follows:

  • KS1 Year 2 team  1st
  • KS1 Year 1 team  5th
  • KS2 Year 3/4 team  4th
  • KS2 Year 5/6 team  2nd                                                                                                                                                                                                

Well done everyone! Hollingbourne has 2 teams through to the Kent Finals in June. A fantastic result!


On Tuesday we had a cricket tournament to finish the Premier Sport Cricket Club. We were supposed to be competing against Platts Heath but they were unable to raise a team. So we had a competition between ourselves instead. The children were competing against each other as a pair when batting. They had 2 innings to score as many runs as they could. The children all did well and showed off the skills that they had learned during the course of the club. Thank you to Bradley and James for organising this competition.

All the children received a medal for competing and James Melrose and Oscar were the winning pair. Well done!

Keep your eye on the ball!
Great shot!
Well done to our winners!


On Monday 23rd April a  squad of 10 KS2 children played handball against other local schools at Greenfields Primary School in Maidstone. There were 14 teams representing 10 schools.

We played 6 matches that were only 5mins long. We improved the more we played and learned a lot about playing handball.

Well done to all those children who represented Hollingbourne School in this tournament.

Our handball squad


On Friday 27th April 22 KS2 children set off to participate in this cross country run. The weather was chilly and deteriorated into a wet and windy afternoon. In spite of the weather the children ran with enthusiasm and determination and all did their best. We were very proud of all the children's efforts and achievements.

A few notable performances are James in Year 3, Fintan in Year 4, Eden and Colette in Year 6.

At the start Yr 4
And they're off - Yr 4
Here come the Yr 6 girls!
At the finish
Year 5 at the start
Off they go!


Congratulations to our Rounders team who won this rounders competition. It was a closely fought match until the third innings when we scored a flurry of rounders to leap ahead. There were some amazing catches from Jasmine, James and William which prevented the other team from scoring points. All in all a great team performance. They really used all the skills they had learned during rounders club.

Well done!

Good bowling!
Ready to hit and run
Ready in the field?
Running between posts
Great shot!
Fielding action!


During the week commencing 11/6/18 we took part in lots of tournaments at Greenfields School. All the children that participated enjoyed the events. They worked hard, did their very best and learned a lot.


A team of 7 KS1 children went to this tournament. We were expecting it to be 5-a-side but when we arrived we found out that it was 7-a-side so the children had to play every game as we had no substitutes. Well done to all those who took part. For some it was their first experience of playing a competitive match of football. The team showed great determination.

Taking a goal kick
Getting back to defend
Attacking to score!


This is the first netball tournament that we have played in. 20 KS2 children have been coming to netball club since the Easter break. They have learned a lot and now had a chance to put what they had learned into practise in some competitive matches. 10 children went to this tournament. It was an enjoyable experience. We had fun and learned a lot.


Due to illness and injuries we only just managed to have enough girls to play in this tournament. Luckily we had 7 girls turn up on the morning of the tournament so we played. It was a very hot morning but the girls played their socks off and gave their all. We came 6th out of 9 teams which was very respectable. Well done girls!


A fantastic performance by our squad of 9 boys. We reached the quarter-final stage in this tournament. So we were in the top 8 teams out of 18 teams which is quite an achievement. The quarter-final was a tense match against the host side Greenfields. We went 2-0 down and fought back to 2-2 by full-time. We had an extra 5mins to hopefully decide the game with a golden goal but there were no goals scored so we had to have a penalty shoot out. It was very close but we lost on penalties in the end. We were a bit down-hearted as we felt that we could have won the match and progressed to the semi-final. However all the boys worked hard for each other and played brilliantly as a team. We would like to thank James (Noddy) our MUFC coach for managing the team on the day. He really got the best out of the boys.

Our fantastic team!
Hollingbourne vs Brunswick

Quarter-final action
Penalty shoot out


On Tuesday 19th June our Yr 2 Gym team and our Yr 5/6 Gym team competed in the Kent Finals at Pegasus Gymnastics Club. They earned a place at the finals after coming 1st and 2nd respectively in the Maidstone District Competition earlier in the year. There were teams from schools all over Kent competing throughout the day and we are still awaiting the results. Our teams had been practising hard and represented themselves and the school admirably. We are so proud to have 2 teams from our school in this competition. Well done!


Yr 5/6 team competing at L3 came 5th out of 16 teams from all over Kent. Team score of 78.85

Yr 1/2 team competing at L1 came 13th out of 25 teams from all over Kent. Team score of 81.10

Well done to both teams. We are really proud of your performance and your achievements.

KS1 Floor routine
KS1 vault
KS1 Body management routine
A lovely back support
A well executed bridge
Great presenting!
Our teams
Meeting a gold medal winning Commonwealth Gymnast!


After practising during terms 1, 2, 4 and 5 with Matt from Maidstone Rugby Club we finally got invited to the Aylesford Bulls Tag Rugby Festival. So on Wednesday 20th June 10 KS2 children went with Mrs Bradley-Wyatt to Aylesford to compete against other Maidstone schools. They played 8 matches. We won 2, drew 1 and lost 5. A great morning was had by all and it was wonderful to have a chance to use all the skills we had learned earlier in the year. Well done to all those who participated.

Our rugby team
In action!


On Friday 15th June we were due to be taking a group of 10 girls to Canterbury to play in a cricket festival and then to watch England women play in a one day international match against South Africa. Sadly we were unable to go but some of our girls still went with their parents. It was great for them to see this match. Later on this term we are also going to watch Kent vs Surrey (mens cricket) play in a T20 match. We are looking forward to this opportunity.

Enjoying the match


On Monday 2nd July a group of 9 children from Beech Class enjoyed a very hot day experiencing lots of different sports activities at Greenfields School. They took part in 10 sports activities, provided and led by local Maidstone sports clubs. There was karate, tri-golf, gymnastics, football, dance, cricket, squash, dance and nerf wars. It was a great day enjoyed by our children and children from 21 other Maidstone schools.





Football with MUFC


Dancing with Flair Dance School
Football skills with Rondos
Nerf wars
Our sporting values medal winners
Gymnastics with Pegasus
Can we swap places and balance?